Friday, 19 December 2014

Forth coming Roadworks in Standish

I am introducing a road work post within the blog. This will hopefully help keep you informed when they are coming so you can take alternative routes if you need to.

The first one to tell you in on Preston Rd near to Ludlow Street. This will take place between the 5 - January 2015. Temporary traffic lights will be installed when the works will be carried out. These are at off peak times. the work is being carried out by United utilities.

The second one to tell you about is being carried out by BT and they are one the same day as the above, 5 - 7 January 2015 at off peak times. These will be near the junction of Chorley Rd and Red Rock. Again Temporary lights will be installed.

Hope you find this new section useful over the coming weeks and months. I know it would be better with no road works before any one says that :-). As they say don't shoot the messenger. :-)

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