Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Parents concerned on children Education

I think it is great that we have 3 great primary schools in Standish. I think we have a wonderful choice from all demographics. Just recently Woodfold regained their outstanding status from Ofsted. However, parents are coming in increasing numbers and commenting to me about the situation at Woodfold primary School. This is because of the strange situation when the head teacher handed in her resignation at the beginning of the school year. This then meant that the governors had to try and get a head teacher to start at the beginning of the year 2015.

I think many will be aware of the parents that recently raised safeguarding issues at  the school and many will have seen the Youtube video with the distraught child in the play ground and/ or seen the leaflets that the parents have passed out. I do believe that all of us would do the same if we had the same safeguarding concerns like those that parents.

Many parents feel that the situation with the parents have put in have probably made the head teacher come to the decision to resign at the beginning of the educational year  rather than at the end of the year, which most head teachers would do if and when they retire.

Moving on it is very disappointing for many parents now that the Governors have failed to appoint a head teacher and the Governors have now appointed a temp head until they can hopefully get a full time head teacher for the start at the next education year. Many parents are concerned that the education will suffer as the school have a temp head teacher. I think many parents will share my liking for the temp head, parentsas a person and teacher parents want direction and leadership and not for things to be put on hold for 6 months. The fact that the governors can't get enough applicants to apply for an outstanding school does raise some concerns, as you would think many would jump at the opportunity. Questions would and need to be ask why are they not? We can only hope, and it is again disappointing that we have to hope for children's education, that the education of the children at Woodfold Primary School, Standish will continue at the high level that we have come to appreciate and love.    

On a positive note I, as a parent myself, went to Key Stage Christmas performance and the teachers have done a great job in putting the show on and it was fantastic to see that they have finally gone with a traditional show.


  1. I have a child at the school and I worry that there is a gap for 6 months in the leadership. I just, like you say, hope that things remain great and my child's education doesn't suffer because the head as dropped the school in it.

  2. I assume WMBC Labour Mafia are involved somewhere here Gareth, a preferred candidate maybe ?

  3. Did she fall or was she pushed?
    Same for the previous Chair of Governors.
    As a former Governor at Wood Fold ,what do you make of the seemingly constant turnover of Governors? I understand another one has resigned recently.
    Honest answers needed.

  4. As an ex governor of a school that was in a similar situation several years ago, I found the package being offered by Wigan Council wasn't substantial enough to attract any suitable heads. The school I am referring to was without a permanent head for a year, then the head that was eventually employed had no qualifications. The school consequently ended up in special measures. Wigan Council need to learn from past mistakes and act quickly!

  5. I really don't think people should be saying that the head has "dropped the school in it" ... she has worked at the school for 18 years and had outstanding ofsted inspections granted for both the school and its leadership. The head is perfectly entitled to retire at any time she wants to and it shouldn't be questioned as is the case for anybody in any form of employment! I feel that the head has chosen the right time to retire for herself, most probably because of the recent complaint (by 1 family out of an entire school) which has led to the subsequent ofsted inspection which again resulted in an outstanding rating for the school and leadership...I would imagine that she is also confident that she is leaving the school in safe hands. From thereon it is down to Wigan Council to employ a suitable head.

  6. After 18 years of loyal service and leading the school to a highly successful 'outstanding' grading in a no-notice ofsted, I find it hard to believe that people would be critical! I'm sure that the school is biding its time and waiting to appoint the right person as Mrs. Lloyd will certainly be a hard act to follow.


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