Thursday, 4 December 2014

Labour Cllr found guilty

Today a former Labour Councillor for Standish was found guilty of falsely claiming expenses. There were a total of 8 charges. When found guilty she was told that she will be sentenced in the New Year. A source close to the former Labour Cllr's camp said that she has been warned by her own legal team to look at 12 months imprisonment.

Emma is the last person to represent Labour in Standish and previously I had reported her to the Standards Committee because she had publicly said that she had been working with developers to get houses on Green Open spaces in Standish. This was whilst she was on the planning committee. It turned out that she had been offered hospitality at high profile political dinners by developers. She was also found guilty of that too.

This is proof for me that Labour don't care about Standish. How on earth did they select her to be a candidate in the first place? Why did they dump her on Standish when she lived in Ince?

One thing for sure she won't be turning up in Standish any time soon and certainly not welcome for all the harm that she has done to the area. For Labour they should apologise to the residents of Standish for having such a disgrace of a person as their Cllr for the area!

Emma is not the first Labour Cllr to be jail that is connected to Standish. Former Labour Cllr Joe Shaw was found guilty of having indecent pictures of children on his computer and processing a gun and ammunition without a licence.

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