Thursday, 20 August 2015

Aldi Car Park and parking there.

When the Cooperative sold the larger of their two stores in Standish to Aldi last year, many residents were worried about parking there, even non customers. At the intervention of us, the Ward Cllrs, we were able to work with Aldi and secure that non customers could park there too. They did this on the hope that people would get comfortable with Aldi and come in their shop and buy some goods there. I know this is working as the store is popular within the village.

Recently a number of residents have gone over the 90 minutes allowed stay on the car park. A number of people are saying that the Community Forum are informing people that people can stay 3 hours. This is not the case and the maximum stay on the Car Park is 90 Minutes (1 1/2 Hours).

Whilst we have been able to successfully help a number of people get tickets overturned Aldi are wanting to keep working with the community and allow parking on their car park, but are asking that people respect the 90 minutes.

To try and stop any confusion Aldi will be installing some large banners around the site, including that back fence, just to give people a gentle reminder of this.

I know that should any of you have any confusion this blog post, along with the banners will stop that and continue parking for all - for 90 minutes.

I am thankful for the continued dialogue and working relationship that we have with Aldi.

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