Sunday, 2 August 2015

Labour's Party Leaders row

Any one who is remotely interested in politics may have seen the Leader contest for the next Labour Leader.

The row is, should the centre ground candidates control the Labour Party or should it go back to it's roots? Historically, the Labour Party has been a socialist party but it seemed to have been hijacked by Tony Blair in the 90's. This moved the party to the centre ground and left behind it's roots. Some loved this, for me I think they loved the fact that after so many years of losing they had won. But soon after the traditional party members realised what had happened. Many saying to me that Tony Blair wasn't Labour, just a Tory in disguised. Interesting thought!

Back to the current situation with the centre ground candidates saying that should Jeremy Corbyn win the leaders contest that they will go back to the 80's. This may be the case but maybe it is just Labour returning to it's roots and taking control back off the people that hijacked the party in the first place. 

Should they go back to a socialist party then it will be their members choice and these central ground hijackers should respect that. After all the Tony Blair and the centre ground candidates are of no substance, but just PR and spin. 

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