Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wigan Council hold back residents email.

Regular visitors to this blog will see how Wigan Council illegally intercept emails that are sent to me from residents. I have no idea why they do this apart from trying to see who are emailing me and what I am doing to help residents.

In this latest incident a resident emailed me last Thursday with an urgent appeal for help. This person, who I am not going to identified, was asking for urgent help as they had recently been left in a situation with no money. this was not their fault and they wanted to see if I could help get their application for help processed quicker as they had no money.

Today the Council sent me an email saying by the way an email came to you last Thursday and here it is, like they have done nothing wrong. This is a week later!!!!! This is not the actions of a responsible Council, forget that they don't like me, not like that bothers me, but them doing this is hurting residents. The resident in question needed help last Thursday not this week.

Fortunately, the person also emailed the two other Ward Cllrs and we were all over this last week. We worked with the relevant Council dept and they were helpful and this helped the resident. But had the resident only emailed me then this would not have been the outcome because they are intercepting emails for me. Wigan Council hierarchy should be ashamed of themselves.

Therefore, I always recommend that if you want to get in touch with me email me at . That's an email that the Council cannot intercept.

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