Thursday, 3 September 2009

Busy old morning.

Day started off with a radio interview at Wish FM over the dam issue. They have picked the campaign up and wanted to report on it, which will help get more and more known about the issue and get more involved and support the campaign.

The facebook campaign, STOP THE DAM was launched last night and already a number of people have joined the campaign, which is re assuring.

Then the local press wanted to organise a photo shoot over the Charles street parking issue and this went back and forth between us and the residents and that has now been arranged for tomorrow morning.

After that I will go straight to meet with the Environment Agency over the dam.

Finally dealt with some emails from officers of the council wanting to arrange meetings with either myself or the group to update us over things and also to get more info on I am a Councillor get me out of here later on in the year.

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