Tuesday, 8 September 2009

You could not make it up!

After dealing with Wigan Council now as an elected member for a number of years it never suprises me whn they cock up, i.e leaving laptops out on desk with 33000 children names and details on etc.

I submitted a motion or one of a few motions on the 28 August for tomorrows Council meeting. I got told last night that it could not go forward as it was not competent. I had spoken with the Council over my motions and this was never flagged. Had it been I could have amended it and got it through but being told last night was just after the deadline. All I get is a sorry send it for the next meeting if you want.

While I accept that we all make mistakes I feel if you do it is then up to you to correct that mistake. I am sure this happens with people every day in work. But yet Wigan Council does not seem to do this. I have said I want it sorting and I await their response.

Later got a meeting over Orica site in Shevington as Cllr Bland and Fairhurst have another meeting.

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