Saturday, 5 September 2009

New option for Council to choose.

The Council has been asked to choose a new option for how it is run The two options are a leader and cabinet, which Wigan currently has or the second option is an elected Mayor, like what London has.

I would say that the second option is best as we have this system already by the back door. The Labour leader picks who he wants in the Cabinet and if they do not do what he says he kicks them out. The only difference is that he is not elected to run as an individual. I believe that the people should hold one man accountable and that would free up local Councillors to run for themselves rather than being ran by party politics. This way the people should get better Councillors as they will work more for them rather than the party.

Responses have to be in by 2 October 2009 and I would urge people to ask for them to have a choice of which system they want rather than having being forced on to them by the Council.

Take Control back!

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