Sunday, 7 February 2010

General Election date

Whilst I am bemused why Gordon Brown does not say when the General Election date is, it seems that there is a serious debate on when the date is. With a number of newspaper one minute saying that it will be on the same day as the local elections and then some say that it will be called early and then the reason why I am not sure if actually this helps or hinders the voters. Are they feeling involved and have some kind of new element to look at rather than which party to vote for, as they will probably have made their mind up already this new angle gives a new interest to the whole thing or is it just putting people off thinking I am sick of it all and I wish we could get on with it.

For me I am certainly interested in the debate and reasons why. The answer will any one get the answer? No! It will be called when it is called and we can't change that, although this to me is a new interesting angle and debate on the issue.

After all that I still think it will be on the same day as the Local Elections - 6 May 2010.

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