Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Issues whilst Door Knocking

Whilst out last night knocking on doors and introducing myself like I do twice a week a number of issues came up.

The state of the roads which I have already mentioned in previous blogs.

The state of the foot paths, in the sense that an area gets dug up and that part just gets repaired. After a few occasions of this the footpath as a whole looks like a mess as when looking down it just looks like it is just patched up all over the place.

Speeding cars in Danesway. Residents have said that they were looking to contact myself to find out if this is possible. I have raised this now with the post code to see if this is possible.

The neighbouring property, which is the same size and type, is paying less council tax. I explained that there is a process for challenging this and appealing. I have arranged to call back down to the resident at the weekend and I will also post this on the blog and facebook page.

A number of different issues but all, with the except of one, were pleased that I knocked and introduced myself and had asked if there were issues. Good Night work.

I will post updates on these matters as they come up.

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