Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Planning update on applications and appeals.

So with all the issues with housing in Standish I am just giving people the heads up on where things are up too.

Persimmon Homes have now asked for another date for their appeal for the golf course. This was due to take place this week. I believe this is because they are missing information and probably not hopeful. The new date will probably be in January next year. However, they have also put another application in for actually for the same development. We believe they are doing this because of they will probably withdraw their planning application appeal at some point soon.

The planning application on Old Pepper Lane has now gone to appeal, no date has been set yet. They have appeal on the grounds that the Council have not determined their application.

No further applications have come in yet however the Council are still mindful that two will come in for the area called the line, behind Almond Brook.

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