Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Week that Ended.....6 Oct '13

This week has been relatively quiet.

I have attended Standish High Schools governing body meeting on Wednesday night. This was the first meeting of the school year. It is interesting the issues that schools face and do. The school had some great results in the summer.

Thursday night I attended the Community Centre committee meeting. The centre is planning a number of great events, as well as renting the rooms out to groups. One of the events that the centre is planning is a Children's Christmas Party. This is being planned for December, date to be confirmed.

Surgery had a number of residents in and I will be going doing a site visit with some of them in a short while and then doing a couple of home visits too with regards a planning issue. I am planning to do a story on the blog later on this so please keep watching the site, as this is really interesting.

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