Friday, 16 January 2015

Ex Standish Conservative fails to pay back expenses!!!!

In light of the recent court case which resulted in the conviction and subsequent imprisonment of disgraced ex-Labour Councillor Emma McGurrin - for fraudulently claiming child-minding expenses - you would think that Standish has had it's fair share of expenses scandals!

Remember the former Mayoress and ex-Conservative Councillor Judith Atherton who claimed mileage expenses whilst not even owning a car?  Under Council rules at the time, if you claimed mileage expenses, then you had to provide the council with evidence that you owned a car and insurance certificate for business purposes.  An investigation revealed that she had been asked to provide this information, and initially she agreed to this - but then obviously failed to do so.  It would have been highly embarassing for the Council with Judith Atherton being a former Mayoress, as it was the Labour quango committee found her not guilty of bringing her office into disrepute, however they insisted that she must pay the money back.

Judith Atherton and Wigan Labour Council state that she has paid the money back in full, but this is WRONG!  I can exclusively reveal that she has not repaid the money, and what is more the Council have failed to take the appropriate steps to recover the money owed to them.  She has in fact paid back less than 20% and so I have raised serious questions with the Council - I want a full and thorough investigation and for the Council to insist that she pay the money back and failing this, then they must take legal action against her.

It appears to be one rule for one, and one for another.  It is no secret that Emma McGurrin was a thorn in the side of Labour, especially by going public about the fact that she helped to get houses that Standish didn't want.  The Council dealt with her accordingly, which begs the question why have they not done anything to recover the money still owed by Judith Atherton?

It is a disgrace that both Labour and the Conservatives have had expenses scandals in Standish!  The Standish Independents DO NOT claim any expenses, and so residents can rest assured that with 3 Standish Independent Councillors serving Standish that there will be no more expenses scandals in Standish.

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  1. Why has Emma McGurrin not taken her case to appeal?


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