Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Save Ashfield Public Inquiry Date is set

After much talk, much preparation, the time for the fate of Ashfield is now set.

The date was 31 March 2012 when I handed an application into Wigan Council to apply for Ashfield to be registered as a Village Green. There has been much said and much done over the last 3 years, I can't believe that it has gone on for so long. It seems an age ago. However, now the formal date has been set for Standish to get it's say on Ashfield.

Over the last few weeks there has been ongoing discussion between Wigan Council, the inspector and myself over tying up dates for the public inquiry. It was discussed that the hearing would take about 3 to 4 days. I had opted for Monday 20th - Wednesday 22 April. However, it has been concluded that because of the size of application, number of witness's and also complexity the hearing will last 4 days and start on Tuesday 21 April and concluded Friday 24 April 2015. Just happens to be my birthday.

The venue is now being discussed and I have put forward Ashfield House Hotel as the venue. It will be up to the person from the registration authority to visit the venue and discuss what will be required. I believe that they will be able to and I dearly hope that Ashfield is available and can accommodate the public inquiry. 

Failing that I would suspect the venue would be Kilhey Court as I will fight to get it in Standish and not in Leigh Sports Village as one Labour Cllr suggest, which is truly ridiculous. 

Now that the date is set the time for you to complete and return the witness statements is running out and I will be putting in an end date shortly, which will probably be at the End of February, so please download one here and return it to me.

Please keep watching for further updates as there will be many between now and the end of April. 

Let's make history - Let's make it together - Let's Save Ashfield

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