Thursday, 15 January 2015

Labour Call Police again to Council meeting

At last nights' Full Council meeting Labour for the 2nd time in less than 10 months. The meeting was discussing an item that Labour had put in about their quango committee trying to call me. This was because I said that the Chief Executive of Wigan Council is a liar and she is political biased towards Labour. However Cllr Brierley, who is a Cllr for Hindley Green and does not sit in our party got up and joined in the debate.

Cllr Bob Brierley said that, "Gareth Fairhurst is a good Councillor and I have been in Standish (when he was helping another candidate to win against us at the last local election) and when I was there I learnt that the people of Standish love him. At this point he was stopped and silenced because Labour did not like what he said. When he said that he is allowed to join in the debate he was voted by the majority of Labour Cllr's to be ordered out.

Cllr Bob Brierley refused by saying he had not done anything wrong and is because Labour did not like what he said and there was an issue about him next and he would be speaking on that too. When he refused to go on the grounds that he did not recognise their authority or reason the Council called the police yet again.

When the police came they asked Cllr Bob Brierley to leave the meeting he said that he had broken no law and that he was an elected representative of Hindley Green. They agreed that he had not broken any law and there was nothing they can do. Then after wasting police time and money the Council asked the police to stay in the meeting, which they did and sat at the back of the meeting. Really? It wasn't like there was fighting or he was kicking off. If he had they could have arrested him for that. Labour and the Council wasting taxpayers money.

Then you ask why did they do this? It was purely because he said something that Labour didn't like and because the BBC were there filming they did not want it be seen that other Cllrs from other sides praise me. Even when the police came and the Police were talking to Cllr Brierley the BBC were recording the Council officers asked them to stop recording, which they did. Again what's wrong with open and transparency.

Hopefully the Council will put the full unedited video on the web and people can see for themselves, should they want too. Put yet again Wigan council will be compared to North Korea for the lack of wanting be open and transparent and most importantly allowing free speech. Labour and Wigan Council should recognise that the People have put Cllt Brierley in that chamber and just because they don't ,like him they can't keep this bullying and hate crime up against him!

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