Monday, 5 January 2015

Ex Standish Labour Cllr jailed for Expenses Fraud.

Ex Standish Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin who was elected for the Standish Ward in 2010 was today jailed for 8 Months. The judge has said that she must serve at least 4 months of her sentenced.

She was jailed because whilst a Cllr she claimed for things that she should not have claimed for, including child care. Before Christmas she was found guilty of the offences but the judge said for her to go home and spend some time with her family for Christmas. When she returned to Liverpool Crown Court the judge sentenced to 8 Months and she must serve at least 4 months of her sentence.

She lost her seat as a Cllr last May when the Standish Independent candidate, Cllr Debbie Fairhurst, won the election where she was trying to get re-elected.

Some residents of Standish how on earth she was even elected in the first case and this was due to the General election being on the same day as the local election in May 2010. People got confused plus there is a higher turn out from people in a general election year. I guess this May people will be more aware and realise the difference between the Cllr and MP seats.

This is not the first not only Labour Cllr jailed that are connected to Standish. Labour Cllr Joe Shaw was jailed in 2009 for having child porn on his PC and a gun with ammunition. He was jailed for 6 years.

What is interested and worrying that when both of these Labour Cllrs were arrested Labour did not kick them out of the Labour Party. Why did they not do this?

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