Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ashfield - THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

Wigan Council are obviously getting desperate. They have issued a press release saying that the Village Green Application is based on False Information. This is not true and here's why.

Below are the emails that I got from the council under the Freedom of Information. In the emails it is quite clear that Persimmon Homes submitted a pre planning application to build on Ashfield. As part of that Pre Application a detailed plan was submitted. I say this because in the emails it discusses and mentions it. In the emails you see the then Director of Planning, Steve Normington, saying it was a good idea to move the football pitches to the former Golf Course site.

All this is not subjective nor me just saying this, should you read the emails you can see the threat to Ashfield is real. Don't take my word for it see the emails and see for yourself. Don't forget to start at the bottom and read up as that how they are dated. Again these are the Council emails with Persimmon Homes.

Now Wigan Council are urging people not to subscribe to the Legal Battle Fund. Why? Because it is unlawful? NO, because the barrister that we have is one of the most highly respected in the land and they know that they will have a fight on their hands. Every penny can be accounted for and I have even mentioned to the Police that their are liars out there saying that it is a dodgy campaign.

As someone has said  when they have just rang me  - Labour Lie they even put out a leaflet saying Mere Oaks was safe just months before they announced they were closing it. That leaflet is being scanned and sent to me and once I have it I will upload it on here.

Wigan Council cannot be trusted as we all know and there is more to come.

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