Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Public Inquiry for the two housing appeals

Persimmon Homes, who have permission for 250 houses on the former Golf Course site, have put in a further application for a further 250 houses - this was called phrase 2. this was refused. Also Jones homes put in an application for just under 150 houses, that too was refused and they again have appealed.

I can announce that these two appeals will be heard on the same starting the 14th July 2015 at the Community Church on Pottery Road, Wigan.

People of Standish will no doubt be at the very least disappointed that it is not being held in Standish. The Council they could get a venue in Standish but they where to expensive. This is ridiculous the Council waste money like it is going out of fashion and now they say they are watching the purse strings. I would suspect they will try this for the Ashfield Village Green Public Inquiry later in the year.

For me this speaks volumes that the council do not want the people of Standish to hear what is going on and the reason is, I believe, they are going to lose and they don't want the people of Standish to see their argument.

The people of Standish wouldn't mind the cost of a venue in Standish, after all they put more in the pot than any other area. To be treated in this way and manner just shows their lack of respect for the people of Standish.

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