Thursday, 18 June 2015

Response to Wigan Council's leaflets.

Today many residents in Standish will have received leaflets from Wigan Council. One of these is about the development that they have said Standish Voice is doing for the developments in Standish till 2026. We agree with many residents and say no more.

Alongside the leaflet is a letter from the Labour Deputy Leader about Ashfield. It is interesting that up until recently Wigan Council said that if Ashfield got a Village Green status then that would prohibit any improvements for Ashfield. As a member of the Open Spaces Society I asked if this was the case, they confirmed that this is not the case. A village green prohibits building houses and the like but if there was a plan to build changing rooms or even a pavilion then that would be acceptable. The key test is – it has to improve the recreation and sports on the Village Green.

Now that we have pointed out to Wigan Council their flawed argument they have toned down their statement. If you look at Q4 then they say it may restrict. Previously they said it WOULD. They know full well it wouldn’t though.

The first Q says is anything happening at Ashfield? They say no and the developer that was interested is now developing at the former Golf Course. That developer was ALWAYS developing the former golf course because they have owned it for 15 Yrs. They were only renting it out till such time they wanted it back. When they approached Wigan Council in 2011 the plans was to move the football pitches to the Golf Course site from Ashfield. Those pitches are still there on that plan. Why? Because they are waiting to see if the Village Green is successful!

The second question says not to donate money to the Save Ashfield. Their reason for this is quite simple they don’t want the campaign to get the best legal advice and representation as possible!
Finally on the Q &A – last one- says that a development plan would protect Ashfield till 2026. So are Wigan Council are saying that it is only safe with them till 2026?

Moreover you have to look at Wigan Council’s record on houses in Standish. How many times have they said they aren’t doing things? They said in 2012 that we wouldn’t be getting 2000 houses in Standish and now they have approach 1500 already. Between 2003 and 2006 they said Mere Oaks was not closing and the parents were scaremongering. Anyone seen Mere Oaks lately? Labour and this Council have lied and lied consistently to the people of Standish because they know they get the best and highest council tax out of houses in Standish, compared to areas like Norley Hall.    

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