Friday, 5 June 2015

Can we trust Labour on what they say?

Obviously Wigan Council are saying Ashfield is safe in their hands. they are saying that Ashfield is safe and not being sold for Houses.

Below, I have published a leaflet that Labour put out with what the Council was saying on Mere Oaks special school.

Not the best scan, I agree, but if you look at what Labour and the council say on Falsehood 2. In their response they say that Mere Oaks is safe and children can still attend. This leaflet was done in 2003 and it closed it doors in 2006 for the final time. Also look at falsehood 1 where they say no houses are coming to next to the Line. This was just behind the Shamrock. Guess what? They said no houses but yet we have houses!

So what is the reason to publish this old election leaflet from Labour? It is to demonstrate that Labour and this Council cannot be trusted, they said Mere Oaks was safe, we now have houses on the site. They said no houses where coming to the Line, we have houses. Now they say Ashfield is safe. Do we believe them? Not a chance!

On a final note I have seen on the internet a lady saying, after reading the emails between then developers and the council, why won't the Council show us the letter to Persimmon Homes saying that they will never sell Ashfield for no money?

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