Saturday, 4 March 2017

Get rid of the House of Lords and here's why.............

We all know that we elect our MP's for the House of Commons but the House of Lords is another beast altogether. These people are un-elected and costing the tax payers more than £100 Million each and every year.

It has been a long discussion whether this un-elected quango should stay or be replaced with something else. However, this week this un-elected quango has voted down the Government's Bill on Brexit. The reason - because they are worried about EU citizens in the UK after we have left the EU. What? Are these people mad? They should be more concerned about the people of the UK and their wishes first. For me this demonstrates that now is the time that this quango should go. Because of the cost? Plays a part. But more than that they do not recognise, defend or carry out the wishes of the British People. Therefore they have lived past their use by far and now is the time to close them down.

Close it down but what would replace it another discussion for another time but the first discussion is now close it down and get rid.

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