Saturday, 11 March 2017

Standish Voice and the hidden agenda

Many residents will have heard about a group called Standish Voice. Many residents will have seen the Xmas market that they organised and also this neighbourhood plan. More recently more people have heard their stupid and ridiculous plan at turning the Rec in Southlands Ave into a Car Park.

They claim to be the voice of Standish People but are they?

What many people don't realise is that this group was started by a guy called Paul Ogden. No problem there so far. However, Paul had never been interested in helping save Standish from all the housing developments in Standish that had been proposed - his choice. However, as soon as a Link Rd was proposed to come out at the side of his house and this would then effect him - he started Stop Almond Brook Link Rd group. There he led a campaign to stop the rd and when that was not going to happen he wanted it to come out at Ludlow Street, away from his house. Not very neighbourly.

Paul is also a strong Labour supporter and he wants a Labour Cllr in Standish. Nothing wrong with his democratic right but there is an infamous document that was left on a printer in the Town Hall where it said Labour's strategy to win seats is to infiltrate and start residents groups. Then never call the Council and agree with them.

Now here we have Paul who start Standish Voice which shouldn't be allowed to be called that as it is certainly not the voice of Standish. In fact Standish Voice always agrees with the Council in fact they even support Wigan Council in all these houses that we are getting. That's right they agree with all these houses. They don't stop there, this Neighbourhood plan that they are talking about, which was first muted by the convicted Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin, will have more land for houses for Standish. They fail to mention that!

He also claims that this neighbourhood status they have will stop houses being stopped in Standish. Guess what they haven't stopped a one and still support the Council's plan for all these houses.

So this so called residents group is nothing more than a Labour Council mouth piece. That's why they agree with the Council to have more houses for Standish - FACT! they want to get rid of the Rec for a Car Park - FACT!

So when they say look at us we are doing this and that ask yourself are they doing it for Standish or for Paul's hidden agenda?

All residents group in my opinion should be non political and Standish Voice is sure as hell not that. Residents that run non-political residents group should get the support of the local Cllrs but local Cllrs or wanna be's should not run them either just like Labour orders their supporters to do.

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