Monday, 6 March 2017

Standish Independents Cllrs fight the proposal to turn the Rec into a Car Park

So today we learnt that Standish Voice want to turn one of the last pieces of Green Spaces into a Car Park. These are the people that want to say they are the voice of Standish Residents - which is false and here is another reason why.

Their idea is not only ridiculous and against what the people of Standish want but also is against the wishes of the person that gifted the land to Standish.

Standish Independents Cllrs Debbie and George Fairhurst have been straight on the case and they now have a hard copy of the Covenant that exists on the land. Firstly it was not gifted to be used for a car park. So Standish Voice and their Tory mate can get that idea out of their head.

Both Cllr Debbie and George Fairhurst are representing the views of the Standish Residents again and have started the fight against this idea.

Cllr George Fairhurst said, " This land should be used for the children of Stadish. It is disgusting that the Council have left to go and it is not up to Football leagues standards. Even though it is not used for formal games now it is still widely used for informal use."

Cllr Debbie Fairhurst added, " Given the comments have made to me it is crystal clear that they do not want this area to be turned into a Car Park. I know both me and George will battle to keep it from being concreted over and we will ALWAYS represent the people of Standish."

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