Monday, 6 March 2017


Last Yr the Tory candidate in the local election said he wanted a car park in Standish, something that many people had discussed but we all know there is no room. We then learnt that the Tory Candidate wanted to turn the Rec into a car park - he said that wasn't true and it was us that wanted as a car park.

Well here we are less than a year after and him and Standish Voice are wanting to turn the Rec into a Car Park. They say it would not have an impact on traffic on Green Lane and Southlands- but we all know that not to be true. The people of Standish know that it was the Tory who was supporting this scheme and we will not!

The Standish Independents will fight tooth and nail to keep the Rec as the Rec and we have always said this. We have lost too much green spaces. Keep coming back for more details on how we need to stick together and say to Standish Voice and the Tory - HANDS OFF OUR PARK!!!.


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