Saturday, 4 March 2017

Pay back the Money - Hypocrites

Over the years I have accused both the Labour lot and the Council officers hierarchy of being being biased. Of course the lying lot have always denied this. However yet more proof has come out this week.

During the most important meeting of the year for Council, budget we have seen Labour Cllrs use their council ipads to watch Liverpool match's but this weeks' budget yet another Labour Cllr took to tweet consistently.

Now back in 2014 because Labour Leader said in a normal meeting that 99.9% of people like the council and Tweeted that he should come to Standish then, that caused the Chief Executive to order an officer of the Council to call the Police. Wigan Police said they had no one except some PCO's so they sent them. I refused to go. Then another call was put into the Police get a proper bobby down here. Wigan Police No one is available ( probably because they didn't want to get involved and waste tax payers money. So then another call was put into GMP HQ and then an officer was sent racing over from Eccles, yes Eccles blues and Twos going.. After discussion with all the other opposition we collectively walked out.

One person asked how did they know I was tweeted? Simple the Chief Executive of the Council got a junior officer to sit at the back of the room and me tweeting, what a waste. When i tweeted this little girl ran over to her waving her arms and told the Chief executive - who in turned got the Mayor to stop the meeting.

Now Wigan wasted just short of £5,000 on that matter but the council said that was the rules - although they were not. But back to this weeks budget meeting Labour Cllr Mike McLoughlin - who has said in a previous meeting that I was in, " when do we get our food?" stroking is stomach - was tweeting throughout the meeting. Not just one tweet like mine but a number. When questioned by the local press he said that the rules had been relaxed. Wrong!!! The press attend the meetings and they know this not to be the case. So yet another lie. Here is the story in the local press 

So here's what I will be saying when I write to the Council that I should get a public apology and the Chief Executive and Labour Leader should pay the full cost of calling the Police on my occasions. Don't worry the Chief executive is on over £200,000 a year so she would be able to afford it.Then moving forward all Cllrs should be treated the same. Will this happen? Don't bet on it we are taking about Dictators here!  

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