Monday, 22 April 2013

Blog Comments

I never used to know how much the blog served the public, until recently, when I started to dig into the stats. Averaging about 100 hits a day, quite consistently for some time now so it seems that people find it useful.

Also the about of people that have contacted me recently and said I saw it on your blog, from times of my surgery to phone number and getting information on stories. What is interesting is the fact that I broke the story that Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin was being removed from the planning committee. That day there was a massive spike with just over 300 hits that day alone. 

Rather than replicating all the same stories on here, my twitter page and facebook page I put a strategy in place which was on my blog I use it for the week that was ......... This was to update residents what I have been up to each week. This seems to be popular with people recognising that most Sunday's I post the week's events.

Why not let me know your views on the blog and if you found it useful or not. I have given the colour scheme a bit of a makeover too from the plain light blue.

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