Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher death

It is sad news that the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died yesterday. Whether you agreed with her or not, one thing that stands out is the fact that you knew what she stood for. Popularity was not important to her - getting the job done was much better. Now we have MP's who say these are my policy's but I have more if you don't like them.

I know many talk about the poll tax, but that was at the end of her life as PM and the thing that brought her down, but look what some of the things and issues that was at the beginning of her time, as PM. The country was a mess! Rubbish was not being collected and piling high in the streets. Unearned interest was at 98%. Yes 98%. In simple terms, if you earned £1 of interest on your bank savings or investments, 98p went to the tax man. You couldn't bury the dead, people worked a three day week to save on fuel. You could go on. To be honest who would want to really try and sort that kind of mess out? She did and whether you love her or loath her, when she left Downing street you didn't have the number of issues that where issues when she started her time.

People say she was only out for the rich but yet she broke up the Financial Markets (city). This was where your old school tie got you a job. After she did that anyone could enter the market and earn a living in the industry, rather than having a closed shop. This was replicated throughout other industry. Work hard and you could achieve things.

Obviously, the Falklands War was a huge issue and she fought back all attempts that tried to broker a deal, including America. When US President Regan called her to try and get a deal done, she answered him back by saying no and what would he do if someone invaded Alaska? She wasn't afraid to stand up to the most powerful man in the world or anyone else.

Europe was an issue that she fell out with some of her cabinet members. She was didn't want Europe state. Now you look at what Europe has become and she was right all along. Now we have UKIP coming second in a number of seats across the Country and recently in a by-election in Wigan. On Europe she went to them and got some of our money back.

Unions and others like them call her but this was always going to be the case. Prior to her coming to power they ran the country and now they don't. They lost the argument and battle but then to add insult to them they were beat by a woman. Back then it was big deal for a woman to tell a man what to do.

To me she was the best PM since Churchill!

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