Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Labour Cllr is removed from planning committee.

A few weeks ago Standish Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin publicly came out and said that she had been working with a developer to get more houses in Standish. This was whilst the Council was undergoing a public consultation on whether to build or not in Standish.

At the end of the consultation there were over 2500 letters of objections from residents in Standish. Not 1 resident wrote in to support building  the 2500 houses in Standish. Residents were outraged by Cllr Emma McGurrin comments and actions, as were I.

I sent a letter of complaint into the Council and asked for her to be investigated and for her to be removed from the planning committee. I learnt other too wrote in and complained to the Town Hall. I also hear that she is now being investigated too.

I have now received my papers for next week Full Council meeting and I have learnt, from reading the papers, that she is being removed from the planning committee. This is a great scalp that we have taken off the planning committee, because as she had been working with developers, her words, then if they put an application in front of the committee then she would have obviously voted for it, in Standish. She should have removed herself from the committee but she didn't and we had to force them to remove her, which we did!


  1. maybe the labour part should look at this and dump her too ,and get someone to work with you on your endevers

  2. I have always said this issue is to big and important for party politics to get in the way. If Labour wanted this, I would let them work with us.


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