Monday, 29 April 2013

Haigh Hall debate

I mentioned in my blog post Week ending 28 April 2013 that at the Full Council meeting there was a discussion about Haigh Hall. Hindley Independent Cllr Bob Brierley put a motion to the Council calling for all the profits to be ploughed back into the facility. This is because the state of the Hall and area is a disgrace. Cllr Bob Brierley is passionate that Haigh Hall and that it should be a great attraction, not only for the local residents of Wigan, but also others that come to Wigan and visit and he is quite right too. He states that the Council have left the hall to fall into this state of rack and ruin and this was similar to the old swimming baths. The Council never spent any money on that. I was happy to second the motion to try and Save Haigh Hall and also speak about the matter too in the Council Chamber.

The Council have made millions over the years, only for them to be squandered. This should not be allowed to carry on and also investment is needed in the facility. I fear that the Council will either sell it or, more likely, lease it to a private company. This could leave restrictions on the local residents using and accessing the facility, which would be wrong.

If the Hall and site is going to be saved it needs the Council to invest in the site and before the Council says, "we have no money", I would ask where have they gotten all the money to buy the Pier nightspot and other sites around Wigan?

I hope that we can save the Hall before it gets to late.

Labour voted against the proposal put forward by Cllr Bob Brierley and myself saying they have other plans. To date they have not disclosed this.

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