Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Walk around Standish

I have been getting a number of residents contacting me over litter, dog fouling and litter bins recently. Whilst it was a sunny day I decided it would be great to go out and have a walk and look at the issues.

What I found is worse than what I thought. Doug fouling is one area where I will be contacting the council to try and do something about the issue and I don't just want them to paint white paint of the words, " No dog fouling", on the footpaths. Why do they do this? Surely they know dog's can't read. But on a serious note this issue needs tackling as I agree with the residents that have contacted me on this matter.

Secondly, I have worked the full length of the line this morning too. It is a  complete disgrace behind the Coop. Below is a picture of the state of the area.

Walking down the line you see that quite a lot of litter has blown into the bushes. Below is an example of this.
When you get to the other end near the hotel you can see plastic garden chairs and even shopping trolleys littering the place. The chairs have been carried someway and hen thrown into some bushes. The shopping trolley has just been left at the side of the path and no doubt taken by teenagers.

These pictures show not only the blight that is happening on the line but also things that can and will effect wild life.
I will be contacting the Council to do a tidy up of the area. After that I hope people will not drop litter or fly tip. If they do I will push for the full penalties to be imposed on them. This can't be allowed to carry on.

I will also be looking to get a litter bin place near the track that leads from Green Lane to the Lodge Gates. Hopefully the bin will be located near Green Lane as there is two near the lodge gates.


  1. Tut, thats a lot of rubbish!, hope it didnt spoil a good walk Gareth... x

  2. M,
    It was a beautiful walk but the rubbish did spoil it a bit. But the sunny day was great and also it was so peaceful too. Loved it.

  3. dog fouling from langtree derelict garage down to Kenmore coach company horrendous,the culprit does it nightly .must be large dog as the mounds are horrific,i had to sponge down childrens shoes from the high school the other day and a lady with a pram who went through one mound,ive sat up at night to try to catch the ignorant idle person to no avail.I have a dog and so do many others in that row and its so unfair to have this to greet us outside our houses in a morning when were all responsible dog owners.

    1. Thanks for that. I will put it on my list of areas effected. I quite agree that it is so unfair and that is why I am looking to do something about it.


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