Sunday, 28 April 2013

The week that ended.......28 April 2013

This was going to be a busy week. First of all it was my birthday week. On the day of my birthday (24th) it was the full Council's meeting too. But before that the week started off with me dressing as St George in the full armour and visiting a local primary school. All the children where fascinated with the armour and feeling how heavy it was, even just the gloves where heavy. Some of the children had their picture taken with the helmet on, although a teacher was holding the helmet due to weight of it. The children loved it. I think it is important that we try and promote St George's day as much as possible and this is my way of trying to do my bit. A picture was on the previous post

The reason why I did the school visit on Monday, the day before St George's day, was because I was attending a good friend 's funeral on the Tuesday. This person was a special person to so many in Wigan. His name was Ken Smalley. I met Ken when we both served on the Save Mere Oaks committee. I was the spokesperson for the group and Ken was the chairman of the group. His wife asked me to do an eulogy at the funeral. I have never spoken at a funeral before and whilst I am quite comfortable at public speaking I found this particular hard, as it was about a great man. Ken also helped other groups that where involved in disabled children and that is why he touch so many hearts across the borough.

Wednesday, like I have already mentioned, was the meeting of the Full Council. This was the meeting where Labour removed their Standish Cllr not only from the Planning Committee but suspended her from their group as well. At the meeting Labour voted against having the profits from Haigh Hall be put back into the facility to bring it back up to standard. We asked for the figures for WLCT, as it is funded by taxpayers, yet again Wigan Leisure Culture Trust and Labour refused to disclose the figures. Millions are wasted here and the organisation should be brought back in house.

Also there was a plan which I think all Councillors agreed with the spirit of proposal but it did not have any meat on the bones. Myself and other opposition asked for the policy to be deferred until we could see the meat on the bones, Labour refused this and voted it through. This know allows them to turn a policy which is well spirited into a right mess.

Another thing was clear the Mayor and Labour simply make the rules up as they go. Officers of the Council simply roll over and do not enforce the constitution like they should in a non political way.

I held my weekly surgery on Saturday and that was well attended with issues ranging from planning matters through to social care and environmental protection issues. I have already written to the Council on these matters and hopefully be resolving them shortly.

I intend to do a review of clubs, facilities and others in Standish each week. This will allow residents to see what is going on in Standish and what they can get involved with, should they wish. I intend to start the first of this series this week, so keep tuned. If you want your club or facility to be mentioned please let me know.

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