Thursday, 10 April 2014

Calling out Lisa Nandy....

It has been brought to my attention that Wigan MP, Lisa Nandy has been calling me andCllr George Fairhurst liars over the issue of houses in Standish. She has said that it isn't true about Ashfield. Well she is 2 years behind the times, bless her. That was a story I broke 2 yrs ago and on that issue, this year we will be having a public inquiry about the issue, I guess she really doesn't know the state of play there.

Nor does she know what is happening about houses in Standish. Aprox 12 months ago she started a petition to save Standish Greenbelt land, unfortunately that was never under threat it was green open spaces that was. She did nothing. She hasn't even objected to the houses in Standish.

So here it is, Save Standish are holding a public meeting in a couple of weeks and here is a public invite for Labour MP Lisa Nandy to attend and I will go head to head with her and we will let the public ask any questions on the houses in Standish and we'll let them decide who is telling the truth, at least I know where Standish is. I believe she has been to Palestine more times than Standish.

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