Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Week that ended...27 April '14

What a week. This week personally has been a mix bag. One thing was it was my 40th. Gee I just look at that figure and can't believe it. Still like I am 30 Thanks for all those that wished me a Happy 40th.

Anyway back to business the nominations had to be in to the Town Hall and we have submitted three. These are:-

Aspull New Springs Whelley - Janet Brown - Aspull and Standish Independents

Standish - Debbie Fairhurst - Standish Independents

                                                     Shevington -  Angie Bland - Shevington Independents

I know it is the European elections and some may get confused having two election papers but we believe we have a good chance for all three seats with the responses that we have had. Labour have two candidates for Standish the current Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin who is standing for Wigan Real Labour and then another person for Labour. That will be confusing for any Labour people out there.

Wednesday night was the last Full Council before the Elections and I had a motion to stop houses in Standish. Obviously Labour don't like talking about that and had a plan, which was to the Mayor no matter what kick Fairhurst out the meeting so he can't embarrass us. So when I tweeted that the Labour Leader says that 99% of residents support the Council I tweeted I don't think so. Then it came clear that the Council had a spy in watching me and said I was tweeting so the Mayor put it to the vote to have be kicked out. I said no, so he called the police. What a joke and waste of tax payers money! The national picked this up and the Daily Mail did a story on it. One thing people are saying is that the leader must me deluded to think that 99% of people support the Council and the second thing is that obviously Wigan Council is not open and transparent and run like North Korea. I can't wait for the Government to change the law and allow people to make recordings of the Council, Labour will be in trouble then.

Planning issues are still high and an application for another supermarket has been passed on Preston Road. Whilst I am not to concerned about the waste land having something on it, except houses, I am not in support of the scheme as it knocks down a number of existing buildings which will change the character of the Village, which the developers don't seem to care about.

There is a Save Standish leaflet about to come out, so keep your eyes open. this has all the housing applications on. which have been passed, which are proposed and what you can do.

Anti social behaviour is on the rise with youths being caught smoking cannabis and new area for drinking sessions. The police have now been alerted to these areas and will be monitoring them, which is good news.

On clean ups, if you know of an area that needs tidying please let  us know. 

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