Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Save Standish meeting

It was a good Save Standish meeting tonight. this was held at the Unity Club on Cross street. One thing that the group had done was put out display board out with maps, plans and other information.

Whilst turn out could have been better this was down to not being able to get leaflets out publishing the event, I believe. However some great ideas came out not least the one where we should ask the Council to have the planning applications in the \library in Standish. This is because on the internet they are hard to view and take time to download. Cllr George Fairhurst will be asking the Council this tomorrow as it is an excellent idea.

The reaction of having a referendum and leaving Wigan to go back to Lancashire was well received and we wait to hear back from Eric Pickles.

Save Standish leaflet coming out soon.

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  1. Yep, we didn't know about it or we'd have come, sorry!


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