Sunday, 27 April 2014

Labour Candidate put her foot in it

Well Labour were first to get their election leaflet out. Describing herself as your local candidate and living here for 38 years blah blah blah. However, if she was local and lived here so long you would think she would have a sense of what is important to residents and with the fact that Standish is in uproar about the number of houses coming to Standish guess what YOUR LABOUR candidate wants? You guessed it, she wants more affordable homes. You couldn't make this up.

Tell her what you think on May 22 and tell her you don't want any new houses in Standish.

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  1. HI Gareth just attended the meeting this evening, 28th April 14 in the Unity club, thanks again for giving us the latest feedback on the housing developments and status of the planning proposals.
    There does seem to be an inevitability that we will be getting "some" new homes, how many is yet to materialise; but the numbers you quoted are staggering; we must continue to object to the scale of these proposals.
    One key point you made, was that the council has exceeded its own proposals for the number of houses built, based on its own core strategy.
    Surely this can be & must be challenged. There is a great campaign "SABLR" attempting to stop the proposed link road from Almond Brook to Pepper Lane and they should be commended.
    Whatever can be done, to stop or reduce the numbers of new houses must continue to "SAVE STANDISH" .
    The very best of luck to Debbie in the up coming elections, please continue the fight.


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