Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Labour split

It has been no secret the mess Labour are in, in Standish. Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin has caused numerous issues for Labour and recently after a lengthy battle have now they have chosen a new candidate to fight this years' local election. Now Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin has decided to register a new party called Wigan real Labour. The thing is rather than it being just her on her own , the chairman of the Standish branch has also quit the Labour Party because of the way Labour hs treated their own Councillor. Together along with Cllr Bob Brierley from Hindley Green they have formed the new Party, so this year there will probably be two labour candidates on the ballot paper.

We know the people of Standish want a team that fight for them and not between themselves, like Labour are doing so I ope you can support our candidate.

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