Saturday, 26 April 2014

Election Special

So the deadline for the Election for candidates closed at 4pm on Thursday. Yesterday came the full list of candidates. Here is the link for the lists.

This year when people go to vote they will get two ballot papers, one for the local Councillor and one for the European election. Obviously they will have different names on them.

With the European elections UKIP have previously said that they will be standing in all 25 Wards that make up Wigan Council. As you can see there is only about 14. This is a clear sign that even with the hype they couldn't get candidates for all seats. That would suggest that they don't have the support for local elections as they claim.

In Standish, which is our first key seat, there are 7 candidates. It is funny how parties think that they can put people in that don't even live in Standish. UKIP again as an example have a candidate that lives in Ashton In Makerfield. This would demonstrate, if they can't get a local candidate, they don't believe they can win the seat.  In fact only 4 out of the 7 live in Standish. 2 live in Ashton and 1 lives in Scholes. The latter is interesting as this is the current Labour Councillor who has said that she has worked with developers for housing in Standish. But yet she is standing for a rival party, which she has set up called Wigan Real Labour. So a wide choice for residents to choose from.

Aspull New Springs Whelley ward borders with Standish Ward at the Railway bridge. So there are hundreds of houses in Standish that have to vote for a Aspull candidate. With them too being effected by the mass housing developments we are fielding a candidate in that Ward too. Janet Brown, who is our candidate there, has been working with residents in the area and has a great response and they all wanted her to stand.

The last seat is Shevington with Lower ground where we have Shevington Parish Councillor Angie Bland standing. Angela has been a district Cllr there before and has a huge amount of support and we will, like the two other seats, fighting the seat vigorously.

With 24 Labour Cllrs up for re election out of the 25 Wards one thing is for sure there will be less Labour Cllrs after the election. Will UKIP have a seat? I doubt this but I do think they will poll some good numbers. They best chances could be Pemberton, Winstanley and/ or Orrell

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