Friday, 25 April 2014

Thoughts on Tweet Gate

I have never thought I would be involved in a gate scandal, however, Tweetgate - as it has now become known as, goes to show how Labour blow everything out of proportion.

Let's get it right as there are some incorrect information out there and then some blanks too, so i will try and explain.

First it is not against the law or against the rules to tweet, text or even phone during a Council meeting. Some may say it is rude and I can see why some may say that. But then you have to take it into context. If someone is consistently texting or tweeting I would agree it would be rude. However it was about one tweet in 40 minutes and at the time when I tweeted, that I question the Labour leader comment that 99% of residents are happy, there was a Labour Cllr speaking about the bad old Tories in the 80's. Really? Mad that we are talking about national issues that happened 3 decades ago when there are important issues locally to discuss.

Secondly, the Mayor only asked people not to tweet he did not ban it has some have said. He doesn't have the authority to do that. If he wanted to ban it he would have to put it to the vote. He didn't. I can see why some have commented that the Mayor has become power mad and he should respect the rules and not make his own up.

Then we have to look at consistency, Labour Cllr Sue loudon was tweeting so why did the Mayor not through her out and it is surprising that the Council spy was only looking at my twitter rather than all.

On the response I have had it has been immense and I would like to thank all the comments that people have sent me. Not only from Wigan but all over the world, so thank you to you all.

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