Friday, 2 May 2014

Message from Debbie

I know hundreds view Gareth's blog and he has worked hard to get the coverage he does. So I have asked if he will post this message to the people of Standish.

I would like to thank the people that I have met so far on on the doorsteps whilst campaigning and delivering leaflets. It is obvious that people are really sick to death of this Labour controlled Council using Standish as a cash cow.

The houses are a real big issue, which we know and we know that the people of Standish don't want them along with the traffic that will come with it.

Another issue being anti social behavior and I agree that this is a growing issue and if elected I will be working with the other Ward Councillors to stamp this out.

I hope to meet more of you out over the rest of the campaign and hear what your concerns are.


Debbie Fairhurst
Standish Independents for Standish Ward 2014

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  1. We will be voting for you Debbie!


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