Friday, 30 May 2014

More Threat to Standish

Being controversial as I am, well so I am told :-), has it's benefits. People who may have some knowledge on issues feel able to come to me. Today I have had three different people contact me over different issues. The one that is a threat is planning - surprise surprise. The Council I am told has to have a rolling program for houses each year. The number is to build and complete 1000 houses per year. Completes means not only built but someone paying Council tax. However, if the developers get their way what they do is get planning permission then don't start building but then just sit on their planning permission as they have three years before they need to start. After the first year if the Council hasn't completed their 1000 then the developers can come back and say we want to build in the areas like Standish. Even though the number is restricted to 1000 and the Council are even allowing more than that any way.

I have now written to the Council and asked where they are up to with the numbers this year and hopefully they are not short. As soon as I know more I will as always update you, but if this is true, which I believe it is, then we have more to worry about. One thing that we will be asking the Council is how they will be handling this issue and not allowing the developers get away with their games.

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