Monday, 19 May 2014

Election Update

So with just a few days to go till to Thursday when voting starts I thought i would give an update.

Standish Ward
So Labour have done a A4 two colour leaflet. I would suspect that this went out to all the ward. The quality wasn't that good and their main issues was saving the A&E. Does anyone know when it is closing? They have just released another leaflet A4 full colour. It mentions us, bless, and says it's all the Tories fault that the houses are coming but then goes on to say she wants houses in Standish - what a strange statement just days before an election where residents don't want houses.

The Conservative's have finally put out a two colour leaflet and serious so out of touch. They say they are against the development but yet their candidate is a property developer himself. He said if elected he will oppose the development and the link road. Why does he have to wait. He can and should be opposing NOW. Sounds to me that he's saying if I don't get in I don't give a stuff about the houses. Then on their leaflet they show the results of 2010 saying only they can win. Have they not seen the results of the last two elections where their vote has decreased?

I have seen a leaflet for the union party and I believe Labour Cllr emma McGurrin is putting a letter out but not to all the ward. She has put up a 10ft banner on the Shamrock pub.

UKIP had a lot of hype but to be fair there has been no substance and one policy that caught my eye was if they won they would have a referendum on all major housing developments. Really? Just imagine residents having to vote numerous times each month? It is not practical and that is the whole point of electing Cllrs so you didn't have to keep going to vote on things. Might be a good idea to have a referendum on Europe but each housing application - not practical and shows to me that they are not ready to win.

For ourselves we have had a decent campaign and I believe we have done enough in the campaign, although we will be doing a couple of other bits and pieces and hopefully the residents agree with us and we will take the seat from Labour. We have done 2 leaflets and some postal vote letters and the response has been tremendous. The leaflets have been glossy and full colour.

Shevington Ward
Now this is an interesting one. It is apparent that UKIP are taking Labour's vote in Labour's Core area and Labour are now worried that our core vote is turning out and supporting Angie Bland. It seems that she has struck a real cord with residents and people know her from her work as a Cllr before and Parish Cllr at the moment . Labour are getting Lisa Nandy out on the estate door knocking asking people to vote Labour. this demonstrates that the seats is up for grabs.  Also he has said he will work for free if elected. Here is that story.

I would have said that the seat could go one out of three ways, Labour, UKIP or ourselves, however it does seem that Labour are trying to win the UKIP vote back to try and keep Angie Bland out. Time will tell but I predict a close call and would urge people in Shevington to vote Angie Bland.

All our leaflets will be available to view on this blog on Thursday, should you want to see. them.


  1. The Tory leaflet arrived yesterday and the Labour one early this morning - I posted my vote last week so they would of missed the boat at persuading me if my vote hadn't already gone to Debbie.

    I must admit I did have a chuckle at the Tory "only we can win" bar chart given the past few years results, but I did also have a chuckle at Debbie standing next to an empty road and proclaiming Standish is full.

    Anyway, good luck and lets hope Debbie can push Labour out and be half as entertaining as you and your dad.

  2. Check out the Wigan UKIP blogspot on the A & E phantom closure (It isn't closing this is a scare story invented by Labour)


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