Saturday, 10 May 2014

Proxy Votes

I have learnt of a number of people have applied for postal votes and for what ever happened they did not get them. If you are unable to vote on the 22 May you still can get a proxy vote so long as the form is back in by Tuesday 22 May at 5pm. You can get a form from the Town Hall or you can download one from here.

I know a few people have said I have always had a postal vote but this year I have not had it. There could be numerous reasons for this but one possibility could be every 5 years the Town Hall has to refresh to make sure you, a live at the property still and b your signature is up to date. I guess it makes sense. If you haven't returned this form your postal vote would have been cancelled. So you can download a postal voters form here, but this year's election deadline has passed so your postal vote will start from the next election after you return the form.

Hope this is helpful.

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