Monday, 12 May 2014

Desperate or honest- you decide?

Desperate or honest?

Labour Cllr Mike Crosby has said in his latest leaflet, in fact it's his only leaflet that if he wins he will, spend his Wigan MBC allowance in the Ward each year. It seems that he is willing to give up his allowance and spend it instead in the Ward. To me desperation that he knows he is on the ropes and the knock out blow can be coming. Some may say it could be an honest gesture but I doubt it. I guess it's more lies from this person as he once put a leaflet out saying Mere Oaks isn't closing (yes I still have the leaflet) and we all know what's on the site of Mere Oaks and it's not the outstanding school that we all knew.

Also why is it now after 4 years in office has he decided to give it up? Call me cynical he knows he is in trouble with the electorate.

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