Friday, 23 May 2014

Message from the Tory Candidate

On the blog I get a lot of private messages. The latest one is from the Tory Candidate in Standish, who has obviously got a serious case of sour grapes. In the message he says that I am full of bull blah blah blah and that he will be standing again and he will become our worse nightmare.

Whilst it is also obvious that the Tory's do this for personal issues. for us he can;t become our worse nightmare because our worse nightmare is like the worse nightmare for the rest of Standish Residents and that is all the houses that are being planned. Unlike the Tory's who want to become a nightmare for others we will be fighting the houses and representing the people, at least the Labour Candidate has the humility to accept that she lost and can be gracious in defeat unlike the Tory Candidate who can't!

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