Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thoughts on UKIP

This election we had the European Elections on the same day as the local elections and it is obvious that there is a strong feeling and support for at least a referendum on Europe, if not to get out of Europe altogether. This election UKIP had a large media coverage nationally. In some parts of the Country they did well, however in Wigan they failed to win a seat but did score some high numbers.

In my opinion they either tried to fight too many seats and therefore spread their resources to thinly or they have failed to transfer the excitement from the national campaign to the local area. This could be because they thought that the national coverage would win them a seat or seats but in Wigan Labour are a formidable force and there are no easy seats to beat Labour. I know some might say we did it easy in Standish because of the majority that we have but this is far from it. The amount of leaflets and door knocking plus the hard work the Cllrs have to do is enormous.

Back to UKIP to win they have to engage with grass roots themselves rather than hoping national coverage will do it for them.

However they did gain some real credible figures throughout the borough where they fielded candidates but the question many are looking at is where did they get their vote from? Labour or opposition?

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  1. I didn't see much of UKIP but was considering to vote for them. In the end as I didn't see anyone I went and spoiled my paper as I believe we should vote but if I see no one then no one gets my vote.
    On UKIP I would have loved to know more about them locally but it was all about Europe and not much on the issues in my area.


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