Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Is Cameron smiling at the Euro Election results?

Prior to the Euro elections David Cameron is was saying to get a renegotiated deal and then put that to the UK people. However UKIP say just a simple in out referendum. The results in the European elections showed a surge for UKIP with them topping the polls. So whilst all the major parties are licking their wounds one must ask if David Cameron is smiling at the results. This is because not just the UK delivered and anti EU party to Brussels but France, Netherlands, Germany and the list goes on, also delivered anti EU parties, so now the whole of Brussels have to re-look at this and play into David Cameron's hands. If they don't they too will get defeated more and more in their elections in their country's.

The first test will come today when the EU will look to the next EU President will it be a pro European or one that is more open minded to change.

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