Friday, 8 May 2015

A Big Thank You

I am please to announce that even in a year when the Local Elections are held on the same day as the General Election, the Standish Independents Cllr, Cllr George Fairhurst, was given the backing of the people of Standish and retained his Councillor's seat.

In years like this the major parties are the ones that benefit from the turn out that increases by approx, 100% from normal Local Election turnout. Last time this happened Labour won the Standish seat and they threw everything at it this year. That is politics and fair play as they wanted to win. Labour accepted the decision and haven't taken to online social media to try and blame anyone or anything, unlike others that want to blame and accuse the people of Standish for their own failings.

The Standish people have spoken and they have voted for a name they know, a name that they trust and a name that will work for Standish. That name is Cllr George Fairhurst. Thank you for your support and votes.

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