Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Start of the Municipal Yr does hold much hope.

Today was Wigan Council's first meeting of their year. This is like a school Yr running from Sept - Aug, The Council's runs from May to May. This is because it has to be held after the election.

The forst meeting really shouldn't be controversial or anything too much. The bit of business is electing the next Mayor, The next Deputy Mayor and thank the outgoing Mayor. Then the bit is just to appoint Cllrs to the relevant Committees etc. How these are worked out is prior to the meeting the officers of the Council work out the percentage of each groups on the Council and allot so many seat by percentage to the relevant committees.

Because Cllr Bob Brierley (Hindley Green) and Cllr Robert Bleakley are not members of any political groups they are classed as non group members. As part of the allotted places the non groups members also get seats on committees. Cllr Bob Brierley put forward his seats but Labour blocked this. These seats are democratically his and he should be allowed to go on but because he will not go allong with the Quango Standards committee rulings on a couple of issues they are blocking him. He has never had any complaints against him in committees and therefore me there should be no reason why he should be blocked.

Labour are just trying to get to him in his election Yr. For me the people of Hindley Green will be disgusted at Labour and I am sure they will be more determined to use their vote next Yr wisely and vote for him and send a message to Labour that they should respect who they choose.

For me this blocking just sets up the yr and I am not expecting any better from council meetings. Same old as they say.

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