Saturday, 9 May 2015

When will Chadwick's become a supermarket?

Some time ago it came out that Chadwick's butcher's was looking to redevelop the site and become a supermarket. Here is the original link in the Wigan Evening post. With Aldi opening up, a number of people would like a branded supermarket too. When the rumors first started that Chadwick's were selling up Chadwick's daughter, Rebecca, came to see me at my surgery and said they were not sure if they would do the venture themselves or sell up. It was planned that they were going to try it themselves first. Fair enough.

Also parking is a problem in Standish. A number of residents have commented that it is a shame that Chadwick's, who have been in Standish for decades, do not allow residents to park for a limited time like Aldi allows. Obviously it is there land and I think we all have heard the stories what they do when people park on there. One story I heard was when two ladies where going into their restaurant. One parked up and the passenger got out and went to get a table. The driver said she would be in in a min as she was just going to nip into the pet shop first for some pet supply's and she was told to move her car. When she politely informed the parking attendant that her friend had just gone in to get a table she was still told to move her car. Before she did move her car she went in and got her friend and they left to go to La mama's. Like I said it is their land and their business but when I hear stories like that you can see why people have the view that they do of the business.

Back to the point I do believe that Chadwick's should inform their customers and residents of Standish if they are still intending to do their supermarket or sell up so that people know what is happening. I have now written to Chadwick's on this matter as I know both I and also the Wigan Evening Post have asked and got no answers yet either. Also if they could allow residents to park for a limited time like Aldi does then that would show some community spirit.

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